Why a membership?

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

How it Works?

At each session, you will select from our variety of wellness protocols included in the membership. Less than an hour is all we need to help you feel your best, making it very convenient and affordable.

What to Expect?

During a wellness visit, the practitioner will help you decide which treatment protocol would give you the most benefit during that visit. The membership allows you to change protocols as often as needed to keep you feeling your best.

  • Focus – Channels energy in order to improve memory, increases clarity, and enhances your mental well being.

  • Digestion - Optimizes the function of all of the digestive organs and supports portions of the nervous system associated with digestion.

  • Immune - Boosts and stimulates your immune system, decreasing susceptibility to illness.

  • Serenity - Soothes the nervous system and helps balance the chakras, inducing deep relaxation and promoting peaceful sleep.

  • Sinus and Allergy – Helps to reduce the effects that food and environmental allergies have on your everyday life.

  • Vitality and Performance - Improves energy levels, betters circulation, and decreases muscle tension. Perfect for active lifestyles and athletes.

  • Anti-aging and Stress – Promotes balance between your mind and body, helping you feel and look your best.

  • Rest – Improves your sleeping patterns, decreases muscle tension, and helps promote a clearer mind to help you feel rested.


To encourage you to make #acupuncture a regular part of your wellness regime, we have made Wellness Memberships very affordable.


Wellness treatments improve your general well being by decreasing your susceptibility to illness, enhancing your body's immune system, reducing stress, slowing the aging process, improving blood circulation, and helping you rest better. The membership is a cost effective way to help prevent the onset of serious medical conditions, thus keeping your overall health care costs down.

Are Wellness Visits Right For Me?

Preventative wellness treatments are the perfect way to retain your health and take control of your overall well being. If you have a medical condition, these sessions will only be appropriate if combined with standard acupuncture visits and/or another form of complementary care. When treating a medical condition, the practitioner needs to provide more comprehensive care than possible during a preventative wellness visit, including more extensive diagnostics, and possible addition of other therapies to help your specific ailment.



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